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BJP's 3 Big Strengths And Prashant Kishor's Formula To Outdo Them

BJP's 3 Big Strengths And Prashant Kishor's Formula To Outdo Them

Prashant Kishor mentioned the opposition wanted to mitigate a minimum of 2 of BJP’s 3 large strengths.


New Delhi:

The BJP has pitched a “formidable narrative” leveraging problems with Hindutva, hyper-nationalism and public welfare, and opposition events stand little or no likelihood until they will outweigh it on a minimum of two of those fronts, election strategist Prashant Kishor mentioned on Monday.

“BJP’s reputation isn’t just a operate of Hindutva. It is among the most necessary parts. Two [other] parts which we have to consider are one – this hyper-nationalism factor. It is as necessary if no more, more and more, as Hindutva. And then [secondly] you’ve got welfarism,” he mentioned in an interview to wantpassport.

“The family and particular person stage welfarism, nationalism and Hinduism – put collectively, it is fairly a formidable narrative. Except you’ve got the power, by means of your personal narrative, to raised two of them, you stand little or no likelihood towards the BJP,” Mr Kishor mentioned.

“BJP underperforms in meeting elections – one of many causes is that this nationalism factor would not work and you’ve got sub-regionalism as a component to counter that. On the subject of the nationwide elections, this nationalism [issue] permits them to beat all these limitations,” he mentioned.

Mr Kishor mentioned he needed to assist kind an opposition entrance that might defeat the BJP in 2024 and that it was “fully doable” even when outcomes of subsequent month’s state polls – seen as a semi-final of kinds for the overall elections – have been unfavourable.

“Is it doable to defeat the BJP in 2024? The reply is an emphatic sure. However is it doable with the current set of gamers and formations? Most likely no,” Mr Kishor mentioned, prescribing “a little bit little bit of adjustment, little little bit of tweaking” slightly than a brand new nationwide occasion.

The 45-year-old who calls himself a “political aide” mentioned, “Any occasion or chief that wishes to defeat the BJP must have a 5-10-year perspective. It can’t be carried out in 5 months. However it’ll occur. That is the facility of democracy. “



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